software can solve

big problems

We work on big, hard-to-solve problems where we see potential for software to create 

tremendous value for society.

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accelerating social science  

improving decision-making

calming anxiety

reducing depression 

enabling behavior change

increasing learning speeds

After we build a promising version 1.0

of a product idea, we recruit a highly driven, passionate, resourceful CEO who shares our values. We then launch the product together as a new company.

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Spark Wave is a startup foundry (a.k.a. a startup studio or company builder) founded by Spencer Greenberg in October, 2016 in New York.

Our sights are set on making our world better.

We are an evidence-driven research lab and startup foundry applying social science

iterative experimentation, and careful analysis 

to create socially beneficial software companies from scratch.

our products include...

effective anxiety


accelerated app and tool creation

without a programmer

scalable help

for depression

better decision-making

 with science based tools

faster recruitment

of study participants